Enjoy Strawberry Smoothies this Summer on Your New Deck!


Quincy, MA, June 4 2014. We are a Massachusetts based home renovation company and we are announcing that we are offering professional deck installation services.

Our home improvement company based out of Medfield and Quincy Massachusetts will custom designs your deck installation. Our work is completed utilizing the highest quality materials designed to offer superb aesthetics and long-term durability.

Today’s homeowner needs every element of their home to assure unique comfort and exceptional style.

As the warmer months arrive many homeowners are now considering the addition of a deck that features optimal comfort during time spent in their back yards. It’s the reason that our home improvement team has become popular across the state of Massachusetts deck design and installation work.

We offer access to a full assortment of deck designs and a variety of composite decking from the top brands. We will work with homeowners to ensure that each element of your deck is designed and installed according to your personal requirements. Our helpful service staff is available throughout the week to answer questions about your upcoming deck installation.

Burns Home Improvements is the only team you need for a complete deck design and outdoor living solutions.

No matter how large or small your project needs, our diverse and talented team has the means to deliver only the highest end product. If you have a specific need in mind, feel free to browse through our photo gallery to help generate new ideas for your own back yard. If you have any questions, please give us a call, or feel free to send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

Whether a multi-layered deck, a low-rise deck, a deck to surround your above ground pool, a deck boasting a hot tub, a deck that integrates into a patio featuring an outdoor kitchen, the sky is the limit.

We look forward to hearing from you with your ideas for a fantastic new outdoor living space!

We offer every service regarding decks, deck planning, deck design, custom deck design, deck building, wood deck, pool deck, patio deck, vinyl deck, deck and patios, deck construction, above ground pool deck, swimming pool deck, wooden deck, outdoor deck, outdoor living, deck and porch, deck builder, deck railings, deck enclosure and a lot more . . .

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Looking To Get A Home Renovation This Summer?

Three Key Services With Burns Home Improvement

When you begin planning any major home project, you should consider hiring a remodeling contractor with years of experience and an established presence in your community.

While residing in your dream home, your lifestyle and family may change. To accommodate such changes, you may need a home renovation project performed by remodeling and construction experts who not only understand but are able to accommodate your new home construction or home remodel needs. Burns Home Improvements has been in the business of complete home remodeling in Boston, Medfield, Quincy and Westwood areas for over 20 years. Our excellent work, professionalism and reputation for having a customer-oriented focus has significantly contributed to our success.

Why you need a professional partner to improve your home:

  • A growing family
  • Grandparents or kids moving in
  • More space for hobbies or entertaining
  • A new look reflecting your developing tastes
  • Routine repairs and maintenance
  • Increased curbside appeal for home value
  • Increased energy efficiency for savings
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair costs
  • Emergency repairs and restorations

One-stop Service 

Our staff is highly trained and certified to tackle nearly any aspect of the remodeling process. With an architect on staff, we are able to walk you through the design process. This means that you won’t have to explain what you want to an architectural company for the designs and then start over with your chosen remodeling contractor. We take the time to discover your home remodeling needs as a team and collaborate to come up with a design unique to you. And because we have worked on your project as a team since the beginning, when the home remodeling begins, we will already have a streamlined plan developed.

By planning and organizing every part of your project before we begin, we can minimize issues that may arise and stop the work. Because not every problem can be foreseen or prevented, working with just one remodeling contractor can make the process of finding a solution go much more quickly and lessen delays.

Meticulous Work Guaranteed

At Burns Home Improvements, we pledge to help you maintain your home’s value with expert updates and renovations. We will also equip your home remodel with upgrades necessary to serve your lifestyle, wants and needs. As a local, highly skilled and professional company, you can depend on us to be there for you through the years.

Count on us as your one-stop partner for many home improvement needs, from the roof to the foundation.

We like to think of ourselves as a basement to roof home builder and home ‘practitioner’ – able to take care of all your repair and restoration needs. Call today (617) 939-4185 or contact us to get a FREE quote.

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What Is A Bathroom Addition and Why Would I Want One?

Bathtub Bathroom Remodel

bathroom addition may seem like an unaffordable luxury to some homeowners, but with the help of Burns Home Improvements, we can make it an affordable and wise investment.

Homes without an adequate number of bathrooms often get passed over on the real estate market. Living in a home without enough bathrooms can be incredibly stressful for the family. Whether you plan to stay or sell, a bathroom addition can make a tremendous difference to your property.

Why Add a Bathroom? 

Couples and small families can sometimes work with one bathroom, but the bigger the family the harder it gets. When young adults get involved, the situation turns desperate. Having enough space for everyone to get through their morning routine quickly can save a great deal of time every day that would otherwise be wasted with taking turns and waiting.

The best valued bathroom addition is an en suite bath added to the master bedroom. Homebuyers prefer to have one attached to the master to provide them with ample privacy and convenience. Adding to other parts of the home can still increase the value of the property and often results in an almost 100 percent return on investment. Even a half bathroom addition can ease tension in the household and increase value.

Your Bathroom Addition Options

When you choose a bathroom addition, we will help you consider the best location for you to build your bathroom addition. The best location for your bathroom addition will be determined by what you hope to achieve with the results. If you simply want to add value to your home, we’ll consider what most home buyers are seeking in the area and apply those popular trends to your bathroom addition. If you are planning to stay on the property and need better function, we will consider how your family operates.

We are a remodeling contractor that cares about you as a person and wants you to be deeply satisfied with the results. We perform an in-depth discovery consultation in which we take the time to get to know you so that you get the bathroom addition you wanted. Our home remodeling team, which includes an architect and a designer, will listen to the issues you are currently experiencing in your home and will figure out the best solution. From concept and design to demolition and build-out, Burns Home Improvement can complete it all for a successfulbathroom addition.

There is nothing too small for us to consider when conceptualizing your bathroom addition.

We consider the layout of the new space and how smoothly it integrates into the original structure of the home. We ensure that your family members have ample storage and plenty of space to move. From showers and tubs, to flooring and countertops, we guide you through the wide array of design choices and bathroom fixtures to help you select the most beautiful and durable products within your budget.

With an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, we are a home remodeling contractor that takes our reputation seriously. All of our team members are highly trained and kept up-to-date on codes, technology and trends. They are a family-friendly group that retains a professional demeanor at all times when onsite at your home. Contact us today for a no-hassle free estimate on your bathroom addition today.

We can design and build a bathroom addition in Boston, Medfield, Quincy, Westwood, and all surrounding areas.

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Hiring the Right Remodeler for Your Kitchen Remodel

traditional kitchen

How do you hire the right kitchen remodeler?

If you do an internet search for remodelers in your area (such as “Kitchen Remodeler, Quincy, MA), your computer screen will be populated with unlimited results. In this sea of potential remodelers in your area, how do you know which one is reliable? Do you have time to contact possibly 100 people and interview each one to assess who you like the best?

With any remodeling project, hiring the right remodeler is essential. The following are some suggestions for choosing the right kitchen remodeler.

The best way to hire a remodeler is to ask your friends and family who they used and if they were happy with their work.

This is the best way to assess a remodeler and how they will perform in your house without actually hiring them. Remember to ask questions like:

  • Is there anything you would do different?
  • What were their strengths and weaknesses?

The advantage of asking your friends and family is that you can actually go to their kitchen and assess the job the contractor did. And, knowing what other people paid for their remodel is great. Contractors may charge less if you are looking for off-seasonal work. No matter the time of year, be sure to compare your estimate to your friends estimate to see if you are getting a fair market price for the remodel job.

If you don’t have any friends who recently remodeled their kitchens, then you need to move to stage two of how to hire the right remodeler, which involves the interview process. This takes us back to square one, the dreaded internet search, or, for those less technically savvy, the even more dreaded telephone book search. Put in your local area into your favorite search engine coupled with the words “kitchen remodeler” or “bathroom remodeler”, basically whatever room in your house you are looking to remodel. We are putting a lot of trust in search engines at this point that they will return results relevant to your area.

After conducting an internet search, we recommend picking at least 5 contractors which means 3-5 estimates depending on who calls you back.

Once you have spoken to the remodelers and you have scheduled your appointments for them to discuss designs and provide estimates for your kitchen remodel, be sure to complete the following:

  • First, and most importantly, make sure whoever you hire will not subcontract the job out. Communication is very important in the remodeling industry. If you have any problems or concerns, it is a great feeling to have the person you already met and have a relationship with on the job to discuss problems or even suggestions as they arise. If your remodeler is sub contracting work out to people you have never met, chances are they will not perform as well as the master builder whom you initially met.
  • Secondly, check references! While the contractor is working on your design plan, call the names they provide you to get a feel for the kind of work the remodelers do and have done. If the homeowner will let you come to their house and assess the work, by all means do so. It may feel a bit awkward, but if you are willing to spend $50,000 on a remodel, taking a drive to check out a stranger’s home isn’t that hard of a pill to swallow.
  • Finally, request a design and estimate before committing to anything. One a side note, don’t put too much stock into the rendering that the contractors give you. Sometimes, contractors are typically not artists, they can provide you an “idea”. You should be basing your decision on price, customer feedback, and your relationship with the contractor.

Trust your intuition!

If everything else is a dead heat between feedback, price, and communication – trust your instincts and go with the contractor you feel will do the best job.

At Burns Home Improvement, we are confident you will be satisfied with our quality of craftsmanship and satisfied customer base.  Contact us now for your FREE kitchen remodel consultation.

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Simple Weekend Home Renovation Projects

silverware-as-kitchen-cabinet-hardwareReplace Cupboards with New Hardware

Can’t afford to do a complete kitchen remodel? Go out and purchase some fun hardware to accent your kitchen cabinets and change the look completely.  Compliment your new look with some fun ceiling


Hang ArtworkHang Art on stairways or exposed attic easements.

Make a statement with your favorite paintings, drawings, and photographs by massing them on one wall. (Works of similar themes, mediums, or colors look best together.) Trace frames onto paper and cut out, then arrange the templates on the wall until you find a layout you like.

lampshadesUpgrade Your Lights with Fun Lampshades

Go to Walmart or visit your local antique dealer and find shades to mix and match throughout your living room for a fresh new look.  Bright accent colors or funky patterns can really liven up a room.


mld105906_0910_shelf059_vertLiven up an Old Bookshelf

Purchase some fun patterned wallpaper or even fabric and line the back of a ho-hum bookcase for a fun new eye-catching work of art!



cratesCreate Mud Room Shelving with Crates

Use old wooden crates to create that oh so needed shelving for your mudroom.  Stack two side by side and place a cushion across the top and not only is there a place to store those muddy shoes, but a place to sit and remove them!


mason jarThrifty Accents for Your Sinks

Repurpose the classic Mason jar as a soap or lotion dispenser in your powder room, bathroom or kitchen. Drill a hole into the top of the Mason jar and use old pump dispensers from other household items and you have your very own custom soap dispensers.

wainscotingAdd Wainscoting to Dull Drab Living Room or Dining Room Walls

Adding wainscoting is a great way to add a textured look to any worn out living room or dining room wall.  Use an accent color that compliments the current color scheme or be bold and daring and go with a color that stands out, but adds an entirely new dimension to the look and feel of your dining room or living room.

These are a few tops for simple do-it-yourself projects for any weekend.  Should you require a more elaborate home improvement or home renovation project, Burns Home Improvements is here to assist.


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Tips for De-Winterizing Your New England Home This Springtime

IciclesI know that most reading this post will disagree that springtime is around the corner in New England! In fact, I hear that snow is in the forecast for this week of March 17, 2014. Nevertheless, this article is to provide all Massachusetts homeowners with some springtime de winterization tips for your home.

Most residents of New England go through the process of winterizing their homes. However, once the winter ends, how many New England residents realize the importance to “de-winterize” their homes as well? You may have inspected your roof and gutter systems, made sure your heating system was up to par and that your home was well insulated to handle the harsh New England winter and keep your pipes from freezing. Now that spring is upon us, it is just as important to do many of those things all over again, with the addition of a few other necessary precautions.

As we all know, springtime brings more rain than sunshine. Begin scouring your yard for any signs of defect. Assess gutter, drains and spouts for any issues that can lead into plumbing leaks or damages as well as toxic mold growth. Fallen leaves, twigs, branches, snow dirt, and other debris can clog gutters and drains causing water to back flow.

Be sure to do a once over on your roof after every winter.  You roof takes quite a beating in the winter months.  Look for cracks, erosion, or any signs of ice damage to the shingles.  Any damages could end up causing leaks, or worse, continue to degrade to the point of causing wood rot and even larger roof problems.

It is equally important to check the siding of you home, especially in areas surrounding your doors and windows.  The cold air causes the wood to compress over the winter creating gaps, and opportunities for water and snow to seep in.  Look for any signs of potential water staining and immediately repair the trim to avoid long term damage and wood rot – the largest welcome mat for insect infestation.

As a Massachusetts home improvement company in Medfield and Quincy Massachusetts, servicing the communities of Westwood, Walpole, Dover, Natick, Millis, Medway and surrounding areas we are available to assist you with the process of inspecting and repairing any damage left behind by the harsh New England Winter.  Contact us for more information.

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Let Your Tax Return Become A “Larger” Return for Your Home Value


It is that time of year. That dreaded Tax season!

Most of us are guilty of compiling our yearly receipts into a drawer verses into an organized spreadsheet.  We somehow convince ourselves that the drawer will miraculously sort our receipts into a legible and well drafted summary to file as support documentation with our tax return.

So this year, make your efforts of going through the pain-staking process of organizing your receipts really pay off!

Consider using your tax return for that home addition or kitchen remodel you have always wanted. You earned that tax return. Look back on the year 2013 and think about the hard work you put in. Combine that  with the numerous hours of receipt reconciliation and you have the formula to reward yourself. Allow your tax return to pay you twice by reinvesting it into your home.

  • Consider it the best return on your investment as a home addition will increase your real estate value.
  • Imagine the kids not fighting over the bathroom.
  • Gain extra space for a cherished hobby or a dedicated home office.
  • Enjoy the smile on your husbands or wife’s face when he/she escapes to his man/woman cave.

So go ahead and finally get that “man cave” or “woman’s retreat” you so deserve and consider using Burns Home Improvements to ensure it is money well spent.


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Spruce Up Your Kitchen This Spring With A Kitchen Remodel

The flow of your kitchen is important – especially for those who love to cook and entertain.

With the right contractor, a kitchen remodel can actually be a pleasure. Get a free estimate and expert advice on everything from measuring for new appliances to selecting the best faucet for you. At Burns Home Improvements, we design kitchen remodel plans for all budgets and needs.

Spruce up your kitchen this spring with a fresh coat of paint and installation of some appliance upgrades, or go all out with a complete kitchen remodel.  Whatever your needs, our designers can maximize the space you have and do a few simple upgrades – or we can tear down walls and create built in appliances and new fixtures.

With your free estimate, we can let you not only imagine, but visualize the possibilities with your kitchen remodel. Create an enlarged open kitchen space or repurpose what you have. Build extra storage for bulk purchases, or add features such as warming drawers and hideaway lazy Susans. Perhaps a more inviting dining area or built-in computer desk will benefit your family? Whatever your needs for your kitchen remodel, our design experts can create the dream kitchen for you.

Some of the benefits of a kitchen remodel include:

  • Increased storage
  • Improved functionality for cooking
  • Open space for larger family gatherings
  • Resurfaced counters and floors
  • Updated energy efficient appliances
  • Energy efficient electric and plumbing upgrades
  • Investment for future sale

Avoid these mistakes when you perform kitchen remodeling:

(a) Not keeping the room in alignment with the look and feel of the rest of your home. (b) Focusing on the cosmetic aspect at the cost of functionality. (c) Trying do it all yourself (d) Designing a room without planning for the future. (e) A poor lighting plan. (f) Changing your mind – and plan – in the middle of the restoration. (g) Not budgeting to reality.

With more than 20 years of experience behind us, Burns Home Improvement can confidently deliver the highest level of craftsmanship and service. Our devotion to detail and customer satisfaction will help you avoid common mistakes that can result in cost overruns and wasted time and materials.

Our friendly professional staff takes the time to focus on you, to understand your needs and wants, so we can design a space that best serves your lifestyle. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you need more prep space?
  • Glass cabinets or solid wood?
  • Would a granite or marble-topped island give your room better flow?
  • Do you want extra seats at the table for guests?
  • Do you desire more storage for food, pots and pans?
  • Would a microwave at kids’ eye level free up your time?

We perform kitchen remodeling in Boston, Medfield, Quincy, Westwood, and all surrounding areas. Contact us to learn more how we may help you spruce up your home for spring with a kitchen remodel.

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Show Her Your Love This Valentines Day With A Room of Her Own

Dad’s got his man cave, the kids have their playroom — even the dog has a kennel! But what about Mom?

It’s time mom gets a space of her own and we do not mean a state-of-the-art kitchen! Although, mom might enjoy that too, especially if it is going to simplify the meal preparation process.  But today we are talking about the idea of a a mom cave. Show her your love this Valentines Day with a room of her own.

At Burns Home Improvement’s we can design and build the ultimate space for Mom.

A place where she can kick back and relax with a good book, her closest friends or family and do what she likes to do best.

The first thing to consider is that your mom cave does not need to be a large, dedicated room, backyard gazebo with flourishing gardens, or a finished basement  . . .  to give the woman in your life a place to escape. Then again, it could also be any of these things.

Try some creativity and make the most of existing space in your home.

Empty nester? Convert your child’s former bedroom into your wife’s new retreat. Maybe a guest room, attic, home office, or even the garage. Okay, that might be a little too traumatic since you have been reserving that space for your latest model BMW convertible.

Before you begin, give a little thought to what kind of space your sweetheart might enjoy. Does she like to spend her time knitting or scrap-booking? Would she like a multimedia theater to catch up on her Direct-TV recordings of her favorite shows? How about a fitness center, complete with cardio equipment and free weights? Maybe the zen or spa-like over sized bathroom complete with a dressing room featuring a comfy couch.  Or has she always dreamed of a library with a cozy reading nook?

Whatever room you create for her, be sure to add personal touches to show that you know her and pay attention to her interests.

Finish the room off with few detailed touches that reflect her interests, personality or the intended use of the room. For example, useful items such as yoga blocks for a fitness room, whimsical bookends for a library, an artist’s easel for the arts and crafts room, or a new set of knitting needles for the sewing room . . . all intended to match the room’s purpose.

With a little time and attention, you can create the perfect getaway to show the woman in your life that you value her as an individual and want her to cultivate her interests. And really, isn’t that the best Valentine’s Day gift of all?

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A Step by Step Guide for Your Next Home Renovation Project

Planning a home renovation project this year?

Follow this handy guide to design a home renovation project to suit your home and your lifestyle.  Here at Burns Home Improvements, we have broken down the planning process into five basic steps to assist you. From compiling ideas and determining a budget to choosing the right professionals, this step-by-step process should make your home improvement project more attainable and less fearful.

(Step 1) Identify objectives for your home addition.

Maybe a new member has arrived or the in-laws are moving in or you are finally building that ‘man-cave’ you have always dreamed of. Whatever the situation may be . . . start your project by asking yourself what you want your addition to achieve.  What purpose will it serve?

Realize in the identification process what do you really need with your addition? Be sure to write down exactly what you need and not what you want. Write down a list of the needs and functionality the new space will provide.

When you have answered these questions to your satisfaction, be sure to ‘scrapbook’ your dream addition. Peruse your favorite home design magazines. Read books or watch television shows about home remodeling or redecorating projects. Tour new and remodeled homes in your area to get further inspiration and don’t be shy about asking the owner or builder questions.

(Step 2) Calculate your project.

First, determine how much financial leverage you have to cover the cost of your home addition. Take stock of your assets and determine if it makes mathematical sense to invest those savings into your home renovation. Remember, your short term objective is improved quality of life and the long-term goal is a return on your investment with the sale of your home.

Our biggest piece of advice for calculating your home addition project is to come up with realistic expectations. Be honest about your budget, your needs and your expectations. A new addition is wonderful so long as you have financing and realistic goals secured before breaking ground.

(Step 3) Do your research.

Gather legal documents. If you are serious about adding to your home, you will need to track down a few legal documents to get started.  First and foremost you will need an accurate plot plan of your property that indicates the property lines. This is extremely important so that your addition does not fall outside of jurisdictional set-backs defined by local Zoning Laws.  Plot plans and surveys are usually available at your local Registry of Deeds.

Obtain a site map.  At Burns Home Improvements, we offer a FREE site map to those considering a home renovation or addition.  We will take a close look at where you plan to construct the addition, plus the areas surrounding the addition. We will take the location of trees or outbuildings you want to preserve into consideration; views you want to capture (or screen out); and exposures to sun, shade, or prevailing breezes. While we are at it, we will be sure to check for obstacles you need to remove, relocate, or work around – such as power lines, utility poles, and underground fuel or septic tank.

(Step 4) Hire a designer.

Additions are not do-it-yourself projects. For starters, if a bank is financing the addition, they will not sanction a non-licensed build-out.

The number and type of people you would need on your home improvement project varies according to the scale and scope of your project. Even if the project is a one room task, a designer or draftsperson should prepare your drawings. A good designer will organize your ideas in a floor plan that fits your lifestyle and can steer you away from the pitfalls of poor planning.

For more extensive work, hiring an architect makes sense. Many of us think we have design talents, but an architect can provide a great service by creating amazing living space that as individuals we could not have imagined. Their renderings will also assist with obtaining the necessary building permits.

(Step 5) Locate a reputable contractor.

The benefit of working with a general contractor is that they have relationships with multiple subcontractors. One sure proof way to locate a reputable contractor is by word-of-mouth. Talk to neighbors and friends and even look online. Many people will write about the sort of experience they had with their contractor when undergoing a home addition.

Another good scale to go by is the contractor’s longevity. Professionals who have been doing business for years in your area are more likely to be reputable. You can also inquire with your local building code officials and building supply companies.

Burns Home Improvements has been constructing homes in the Greater Boston area for more than fifteen years. We are local, we are licensed and bonded. At Burns Home Improvements, we don’t utilize subcontractors, instead – we have the ability to manage all facets of your home addition project and even an on-site architect. We highly recommend that you obtain three quotes for your home improvement project – and stress that Burns Home Improvements be one of them. We would be more than happy to provide you samples of our work and will leave you with a detailed written estimate.

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