Tips for De-Winterizing Your New England Home This Springtime

IciclesI know that most reading this post will disagree that springtime is around the corner in New England! In fact, I hear that snow is in the forecast for this week of March 17, 2014. Nevertheless, this article is to provide all Massachusetts homeowners with some springtime de winterization tips for your home.

Most residents of New England go through the process of winterizing their homes. However, once the winter ends, how many New England residents realize the importance to “de-winterize” their homes as well? You may have inspected your roof and gutter systems, made sure your heating system was up to par and that your home was well insulated to handle the harsh New England winter and keep your pipes from freezing. Now that spring is upon us, it is just as important to do many of those things all over again, with the addition of a few other necessary precautions.

As we all know, springtime brings more rain than sunshine. Begin scouring your yard for any signs of defect. Assess gutter, drains and spouts for any issues that can lead into plumbing leaks or damages as well as toxic mold growth. Fallen leaves, twigs, branches, snow dirt, and other debris can clog gutters and drains causing water to back flow.

Be sure to do a once over on your roof after every winter.  You roof takes quite a beating in the winter months.  Look for cracks, erosion, or any signs of ice damage to the shingles.  Any damages could end up causing leaks, or worse, continue to degrade to the point of causing wood rot and even larger roof problems.

It is equally important to check the siding of you home, especially in areas surrounding your doors and windows.  The cold air causes the wood to compress over the winter creating gaps, and opportunities for water and snow to seep in.  Look for any signs of potential water staining and immediately repair the trim to avoid long term damage and wood rot – the largest welcome mat for insect infestation.

As a Massachusetts home improvement company in Medfield and Quincy Massachusetts, servicing the communities of Westwood, Walpole, Dover, Natick, Millis, Medway and surrounding areas we are available to assist you with the process of inspecting and repairing any damage left behind by the harsh New England Winter.  Contact us for more information.

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