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Looking To Get A Home Renovation This Summer?

When you begin planning any major home project, you should consider hiring a remodeling contractor with years of experience and an established presence in your community. While residing in your dream home, your lifestyle and family may change. To accommodate such changes,

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Simple Weekend Home Renovation Projects

Replace Cupboards with New Hardware Can’t afford to do a complete kitchen remodel? Go out and purchase some fun hardware to accent your kitchen cabinets and change the look completely.  Compliment your new look with some fun ceiling   Hang

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5 Things You Need to Know to When Planning Your Home Improvement Project

5 Things You Need to Know to Plan Your Home Improvement Project from Burns Home Improvements 1. Get Clear About Your Goals. Maybe you need more space, would like to upgrade cabinets and fixtures, desire an updated look, want to

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Ten Simple Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

10 Simple Home Improvement Projects 1. Every home has different improvement needs and not all projects will suit all homes. The best way to begin is to identify where improvements can be made in your home or where you want to

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Burns Home Improvements Undergoes its own Remodeling

Boston Custom Built Homes | Burns Home Improvements Boston, Quincy, Medfield

Burns Home Improvements has undergone a remodel of it’s own.  In order to become more accessible and transparent to our current and potential clients, we at Burns Home Improvement thought a fresh look and a new website was necessary. We

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