Let Your Tax Return Become A “Larger” Return for Your Home Value


It is that time of year. That dreaded Tax season!

Most of us are guilty of compiling our yearly receipts into a drawer verses into an organized spreadsheet.  We somehow convince ourselves that the drawer will miraculously sort our receipts into a legible and well drafted summary to file as support documentation with our tax return.

So this year, make your efforts of going through the pain-staking process of organizing your receipts really pay off!

Consider using your tax return for that home addition or kitchen remodel you have always wanted. You earned that tax return. Look back on the year 2013 and think about the hard work you put in. Combine that  with the numerous hours of receipt reconciliation and you have the formula to reward yourself. Allow your tax return to pay you twice by reinvesting it into your home.

  • Consider it the best return on your investment as a home addition will increase your real estate value.
  • Imagine the kids not fighting over the bathroom.
  • Gain extra space for a cherished hobby or a dedicated home office.
  • Enjoy the smile on your husbands or wife’s face when he/she escapes to his man/woman cave.

So go ahead and finally get that “man cave” or “woman’s retreat” you so deserve and consider using Burns Home Improvements to ensure it is money well spent.


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