Home Improvements That Add Value and Will Pay You Back

If you’re planning a home remodel or are planning to sell your house any time soon, home improvements that will add value and will pay you back should be a priority on your home improvement list.

Planning a home improvement that will pay you back at the time of sale now or later requires a strategic vision as well as design. We suggest that you draw on tips from a real estate professional if selling immediately.  For those preparing now for a sale later, we recommend that you peruse home remodeling magazines and get the inside scoop on cost verses value when performing a home remodel or improvement.

At Burns Home Improvements, our top five home addition | remodel | improvement ideas are as follows:

    1. Additions: Creating a home addition will address the needs of a growing family and changing lifestyle. Adding to your house will give you the comfort and space you need without the hassle of moving. If you are planning to sell and if done wisely – in a way that won’t price your home out of the local market – home additions are the most valuable home improvement to make. Add a second story, expand into a master suite, enlarge the garage or create an extra bathroom for a busy household.
    2. Attic upgrade: Converting attic space into useful living space is a smart way to add value and attract those shopping for multi-generational family homes. Parents are moving in with their kids and kids are returning to the nest. Trends are showing that many buyers are focusing on properties with a higher number of bedrooms and baths to accommodate growing and/or extended families.  Meanwhile, your guests have a great place to stay until you decide to sell your home.
    3. Basement Remodel: If you do not have an attic, or prefer to expand your floor space beneath you, a basement remodel is always a great option. Make the most of this bonus space by finishing it for use as an in-law apartment, guest suite, office or entertainment zone. Another great way to appeal to multi-generational households.
    4. Kitchen Remodel: Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home and should be given the highest priority when updating and improving your home.The kitchen is a major selling point for a home, and its appearance and layout can often be a deal-breaker. Your kitchen preserves the function and value of your house. Kitchen remodeling gives new life to the room that serves as the central hub of your household – where you entertain, celebrate, gather, and do projects and homework. Improving your kitchen doesn’t have to be a huge investment, however: just replacing counter tops, key appliances or cabinet hardware can transform a kitchen’s look and impact.
    5. Bathroom Remodel: The bathroom should be a blend of form and function. This room gets a lot of use, so it makes perfect sense to redesign it around the way you use it. Bathrooms tend to age easily, so neutralize potential design objections by replacing the vanity, installing efficient fixtures and choosing hardware that facilitates easy access for all.

Your home is your castle, and you want to be pleased with the way your home looks while you’re in it. Keep in mind that if you are planning to sell, be sure you don’t put in things that are extremely personal. Choose colors that are neutral not bland. Be creative but not in a manner that most would find appealing. Most important, be sure to create space that is functional and flexible so the next buyer can envision how their own needs or desires in a home can be met.

Still trying to decide on home improvements? Contact us at  508.404.5264 or 617.939.4185 for your next home improvement idea.

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