Additional Basement Remodel Information

First, we will verify that radon gas levels are at safe levels for you and your family. We will check that the room stays dry, especially when it rains. Basements are naturally humid, more prone to damage from ground water, settling and leaking pipes, and they are often poorly ventilated.

Professionals who perform basement remodel in Quincy consider key areas when they do their work:

  • Insulation. A proper professional installation will save you hundreds of dollars a year in costs. Improperly done it could compound moisture problems and lead to mold.
  • Floors. We can provide many flooring options, even radiant floor heating. Heating and air conditioning. We can determine if your systems can handle the added space of the basement and how to best proceed.
  • Walls and ceilings. We will frame the walls, provide wiring for electrical outlets and switches, and then finish the interior walls.
  • Lighting. The lighting makes a huge difference between a cozy room and a sterile space. The use of natural outside light is best and can be provided by window wells or tubular skylights. We also will plan electrical lighting in advance so the fixtures and wiring are placed appropriately.

After we are done, you will have a comfortable, efficient, well-lit space for new uses. Many homeowners choose the following options for basement finishing: Home theater | Game room | Bar space | Guest bedroom | Fitness center | Extra bedroom(s) | Home office | Extra bathrooms | Laundry center | Children’s playroom

Other factors to consider when you decide on basement finishing in Quincy:

  • Radon. Radon is a colorless gas and a known carcinogen that seeps into homes from the soil and rock below. Take no chances with your health or your family’s. Use professional remodelers to deal with radon issues.
  • Return on investment. A properly finished basement is the fastest most effective way to build the value of your home.
  • Energy savings. Using our expert knowledge in materials and procedures, you are assured to have the latest practices of energy savings incorporated into your basement.
  • Total elimination of moisture problems. Our use of high-tech materials and skilled installers will provide a finished area just as comfortable, functional and attractive as any room in the house.
  • Knowledge of building codes and standards. 
  • Good sump pump planning will be provided. We can plan and install a battery backup pump that will protect you in case of a primary pump failure or any electrical malfunction.

By using our professionals for basement finishing in Quincy, you will avoid costly mistakes and potentially save thousands of dollars and many hours of effort on your project. Our experience will help you avoid the common problems that can cost a fortune to rework.

We are the professionals to call when you need basement finishing in Boston, Medfield, Quincy, Westwood, and all surrounding areas.

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