Weekend Projects for Under Twenty Dollars

Creative Coat HooksHave you recently moved into a new home or are sprucing up your home to sell? Here are some simple, quick and inexpensive weekend projects that make a big impact.

  • Window ShadeAdd a Divider – Organize drawers and cabinets with simple dividers from a place like the Container Store. These small adjustments can clean up the look of storage spaces.
  • Add a Lower Bar to Your Closet – Double your closet space by adding a second, lower bar. Hang tops above, pants or skirts below.
  • Add a Stone Path – Visit a home department store, such as Lowes or Home Depot, to select large stones and create a stone path from the sidewalk to your front door. Install
  • Add Extra Storage – Add shelves in unused, recessed spaces to  take items off the floor and off of surface areas, such as counters.
  • Get Filtered Water – Forget bottled water! In five minutes you can add a water filtration system to your sink.
  • Improve Air Flow – Remove old grates and replace with more stylish and efficient grates.
  • Increase Lighting – Add a new light fixture to a dark closet or a designated reading area.
  • Jazz Up Curtain Rods – Toss out the aluminum rods and update with a wooden or cast iron dowel. Match the new rods to the design aesthetic of the room.
  • Organize Your Entryway – Have a hook by the front door for each family member to hang his/her jackets, keys and leave shoes.
  • Prep to Install Speakers – You may not be able to buy speakers for $20, but you can consult an electrician about installing speakers and obtain the appropriate wires you’ll need.
  • Put Towels Within Reach – If your towel bars are across the bathroom, take five minutes to add a new bar closer to the sink, shower or tub.
  • Replace Switchplates – There is no reason why your light switch can’t add a little style to a room. Replace standard, white switchplates with colored, ceramic, wood or metal ones.
  • Replace Window Shades – Have your shades been weathered by the sun? Are they not as bright as they used to be? Swap out old shades for new ones and try a new color!Window Box
  • Streamline Your Sink – Add a soap dispenser to your kitchen sink to keep soap rings from forming on your sink and counter.
  • Tackle Trim Work – Finally take the time to spruce up molding and baseboards that have suffered damage.
  • Transition Floors – Add thresholds strips where the type of flooring changes from room to room.
  • Update Door Hardware – Have a loose door knob? All it takes is a screw driver to put that knob pack into place and turning seamlessly.
  • Update Hardware – Change out drawer pulls and cabinet handles with unique or antique looking accents.
  • Update with Paint – Give a new personality to an old piece of furniture with a new coat of bright paint.
  • Window Boxes – Add flair to your first floor, front windows with boxes of flowers.
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